About Us

Leadership MKE is a new, civic minded organization dedicated to supporting dynamic candidates for local political office that are committed to making their community, and all of Milwaukee County, a better place to work, live and raise a family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leadership MKE's platform?

We support candidates who are looking to move Milwaukee County towards a more sustainable future. We believe in protecting the vital public services that Milwaukee County provides to residents.

We believe that racism is a public health crisis and that Milwaukee's racial disparities must be eliminated.

We believe in local government reform that allows for Milwaukee County and local municipalities to control their own future and make robust investment in local parks, public transit, and infrastructure to attract more residents, workers, and families to Milwaukee County.

We believe in investing in public safety while enacting meaningful criminal justice reform, including continuing Milwaukee County's innovative approach to youth justice.

We believe in fiscal responsibility and reducing debt so more of our tax dollars can be invested back into the community rather than wasted on debt interest payments.

We believe in growing the pie for all Milwaukee County residents, rather than fighting over a smaller and smaller slice of the existing pie.

We believe in putting citizenship before partisanship.

Does Leadership MKE support Democrats or Republicans?

Leadership MKE primarily supports progressive democrats, but we will consider supporting any candidate who demonstrates a commitment to work together, find solutions, and put the needs of all their constituents first.

How did Leadership MKE decide who to support in the upcoming elections?

Leadership MKE supports candidates and elected officials running for local office who share our civic minded approach. We support a diverse group of candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to problem solving, compromise, and listening to their constituents. These candidates will reject the constant political fighting that is hurting Milwaukee’s ability to grow and move forward. As an independent expenditure committee, Leadership MKE does not work directly with any candidates, but rather independently supports candidates.

Does Leadership MKE require anything in return from the candidates it supports?

Absolutely not. Leadership MKE supports candidates that embrace our forward-looking agenda and that are committed to working with other elected leaders to solve problems. Our only requirement of the candidates we support is that they work together with other community leaders and listen to the needs of their local constituents.

Who funds Leadership MKE?

Unlike many other political organizations, Leadership MKE is 100% transparent about the source of our funding and how we spend it. We publicly report all of our contributions and expenditures with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission and anyone can go online and review our report . Transparency is a top priority for our organization and we will always be honest with voters about our agenda and the candidates we support.

Do I need a photo ID to vote?

Yes. The list of acceptable forms of photo identification can be found online at myvote.wi.gov.

Who are the elected officials that Leadership MKE has supported?

Leadership MKE has a successful track record of supporting candidates and elected officials. Past Leadership MKE-endorsed candidates who have won election include:

Robyn Vining, State Representative
LaKeshia Myers, State Representative
Dan Bukiewicz, Oak Creek Mayor
Jessica Carpenter, Shorewood Village Trustee
Michelle Haugen, Greenfield School Board
Patti Logsdon, Milwaukee County Board District 9
Felesia Martin, Milwaukee County Board District 7
Wanda Montgomery, Brown Deer Village Trustee
Richard Moze, Greenfield School Board
Leah Schreiber Johnson, Oak Creek-Franklin School Board
Sylvia Velez Ortiz, Milwaukee County Board District 12

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