Local leaders moving Milwaukee Forward

Mayor Dan Bukiewicz is working to continue to improve Oak Creek's great quality of life. He is committed to Oak Creek being a great place to live and work. He’s done a good job as Mayor, is a proven leader, and is tirelessly fighting for Oak Creek.

Patti Logsdon is a local community leader who is sick and tired of the dysfunction in County government. Patti is fiscally conservative and will respect our tax dollars. She is fighting for common sense solutions to our local problems and working together with other leaders to find common ground, rather than constantly fighting with other politicians.

Leah is working to ensure Oak Creek-Franklin provides an excellent education. As a parent of a young child, she is committed to the continued success of the school district. Leah will protect our great schools in Oak-Creek-Franklin.

Felesia is a community organizer. She is a long-time resident and homeowner in the Sherman Park Neighborhood and believes every individual has a responsibility to his or her place of worship, family and community. Felesia Martin has been endorsed by Congresswoman Gwen Moore and she is a champion for her community. She is bringing new leadership to the Board of Supervisors.

Sylvia Ortiz-Velez is a local business leader and community volunteer who will bring common sense solutions to local government. She is fighting to bring more jobs to District 12 and restore funding for public transit and County Parks. Sylvia is a problem-solver who is working to fix the dysfunction in our county government.

Jessica has over 15 years of executive experience in the private sector for both small and large companies. She understands the challenges facing business in Shorewood and wants to invest resources in a way that promotes sustainable growth. She loves the Village of Shorewood and will prioritize affordable housing and infrastructure projects and encourage more dialogue between community leaders and constituents.

Michelle has been involved with Greenfield Schools for many years as a PTO mom, a volunteer, and a classroom aide. For the past three years Michelle has served as the community member of the Committee of the Whole for the School Board.

Wanda currently serves as the Director of Community Partnerships for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. She has dedicated her life to the pursuit of excellence in the fields of early childhood education, child welfare, and community engagement. Wanda is committed to the broader community, and she possesses the education, experience resources, and passion to serve the Brown Deer community.

Rick is on the Greenfield School Board. He cares deeply about Greenfield and the kids he serves as a member of the board.

Life-long Milwaukee resident Dr. LaKeshia Myers is moving Milwaukee forward. LaKeshia has dedicated her career to the mission of educating the next generation, first as a teacher and Doctor of Education, and now as a member of the Wisconsin Assembly.

Robyn Vining is a mom, entrepreneur, and member of the Wisconsin Assembly ready to take on political gridlock and put middle-class families first. Robyn Vining is fighting to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs, repair our roads and local infrastructure, and secure crucial funding for our local public schools.

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