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Leadership MKE supports candidates and elected officials running for local office who share our civic minded approach. We support a diverse group of candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to problem solving, compromise, and listening to their constituents. These candidates will reject the constant political fighting that is hurting Milwaukee’s ability to grow and move forward.

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Our Mission


Traffic and pedestrian fatalities are on the rise. We need transportation champions who will fight to make Milwaukee County’s transportation system a world class system that will attract the businesses of the future to Milwaukee County.


Our neighborhoods should be the best around. We are fighting for safer streets, making sure we invest in our parks and are adequately funding the youth and senior services that make our community great.

Public Safety

Our county is in the top 20 for most violent crimes reported per capita and we have fewer deputy sheriffs now than we did just two years ago. We must invest in public safety and work with community leaders to reduce crime so our kids can grow up safe.

Infrastructure and Jobs

Milwaukee County is adding new jobs, lowering unemployment, and becoming a better place to live, work, and raise a family. We need new local leaders who will make the necessary investments in infrastructure to create jobs so Milwaukee County will keep moving forward.

Milwaukee County’s Budget Crisis

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