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About Us

Leadership MKE supports candidates and elected officials running for local office who share our civic minded approach. We support a diverse group of candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to problem solving, compromise, and listening to their constituents. These candidates will reject the constant political fighting that is hurting Milwaukee’s ability to grow and move forward.

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Our Issues

Infrastructure and Jobs

Milwaukee County is adding new jobs, lowering unemployment, and becoming a better place to live, work, and raise a family. We need more local leaders who will make the necessary investments in infrastructure to create jobs so Milwaukee County will keep moving forward.


Milwaukee County has tremendous parks that improve the quality of life for our residents. We believe in sustainably investing in our parks and ensuring that the youth and senior services that make our community great are fully funded.

Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform

Every citizen deserves to feel safe, and Milwaukee County must improve public safety and do a better job of keeping our neighborhoods free from crime. We need leaders who are focused on solutions, not political battles, to the problems we face. Now is the time to address the significant racial disparities in our criminal justice system, work to end mass incarceration, and restore trust in our law enforcement officers.


A strong public transit system is vital to continue Milwaukee County’s economic revival – and ensure that all Milwaukee residents share in new economic prosperity. We need elected officials who will champion public transportation and fight to make Milwaukee County’s transportation system a world class system that will attract the businesses of the future.

Fiscal Sustainability

Milwaukee County’s history of fiscal mismanagement has come to an end. Now we must continue to support elected leaders who stand up to the special interests and protect taxpayers. Milwaukee County must continue to reduce debt and eliminate waste whenever possible so that future generations can count on the important social services and programs that improve our quality of living.

Milwaukee County Moving in the Right Direction

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